Everything you need to know if you’re riding our sportive in Uttoxeter this Sunday:

Location and Parking:

The Start/Finish and HQ for our event is on the High Street in Uttoxeter (the north end). Registration takes place at Bear Coffee where you’ll have a delicious piece of granola bar waiting for you complements of us.

If you’re driving to the event, the good news is that parking in Uttoxeter is free on Sundays in most car parks. The closest one to the High Street is accessed from Silver Street (See map at https://goo.gl/maps/zfTVZnCU8oC2). It’s a short walk through the precinct to the high street. We’ll put some signs up from the edge of the car park to point you the right way.

Bear Coffee has lots of loos, but the public conveniences by the bus station will also be open on the day.

Key Timings:

  • 07.30:     Bear Coffee open for Registration
  • 08.30:     First rider away
  • 09.30:     Feed Station open (55mile route only)
  • 10.00:     Latest rider departure time
  • 14.30:     Cut off time for completion
  • 16.00:     Coffee Shop Closes

What time should you start your ride and what’s the cut off time?

We try not to be overly officious about start times, particularly on smaller events like this one. But while we’re relaxed about start times, we’re not dead chuffed to be hanging around in the dark because you fancied a lie in and a three course pub lunch on the way round. So, here’s how we suggest you approach your start time:

  1. Decide if 55 miles is really what your legs want at this time of year. If not. Opt for the 30 mile route. We’ll ask you all when you register to nominate the distance you’re riding.
  2. Have a good think about your likely average speed, allowing for stopping to fix a puncture or grab some food on the way round. If you start at 8.30 and take till 14.30 to complete the ride, you’ll be moving at an average of 9mph. conversely, if you start at 10.00, you’ll need to be able to average 12.5 mph.

Our expectation of you as a rider:

We do what we believe to be reasonable to protect and guide you as riders on our event. This involves putting out routing arrows and occasionally extra signs to point to potential risk on the route. We also put out additional signage to warn other road users that they might meet you in some locations where you’re joining busier roads or crossing traffic.

What we can’t do is make decisions for you about what it’s safe to do at any given moment in the place where you are on the route. We recommend that you ride with care and caution at all times and treat your fellow riders, road users and pedestrians with care and respect.

We assume that you’ve taken a look at the route we’ve devised and are comfortable riding over the distance you select and the terrain offered on the types of roads we’re using. By entering this event and taking the start, you’re indicating that you’ve understood and are comfortable taking on the demands of the event.

The 55 miler:

On April 2nd 2017 we’ll be returning to the town of Uttoxeter for a spring Staffordshire sportive that revisits many of the favourite features of our sell out Ride68 sportive. This slightly shorter 54.5 mile sportive has 2,654 feet of climbing in a circular route that includes Cannock Chase as its high point. Riders will start from 8am with last rider to set off by 10am. Cut off time for the finish is 3pm.

The Feed:

We’re hugely grateful to Mammoth Lifestye in Milford for hosting our feed station and mechanical support point on the longer ride. When you get there we’ll have flapjack for every rider and you’ll also have the opportunity to refill your water bottle. If you’ve got any minor mechanical problems, the workshop will be on hand to support you too.

If you want to hang around a little longer for tea, coffee or hot chocolate, or if you need to purchase gels or other specialist sports nutrition goodies, head inside where the staff will be happy to serve you.

There’s also a toilet available for customers to use inside the shop at Mammoth as well as public toilets just after the feed as you climb away from Milford on Brocton Lane


Downloading the routes:

You can download the .gpx file of the route by going to our dropbox. You can also see the route on our Strava Club page


The 30 miler:

Our 30 mile route is a shorter option that any rider can opt for on the day.

We’ll ask you which distance you’re intending to ride when you register so if your training hasn’t quite worked out the way you expected or if 30 miles is more your thing anyway, the choice is there for you.

Our shorter route splits off from the 55miler just as you leave Uttoxeter (look out for the sign that takes you left about half a mile after the start). From there it’s a fairly straight forward route with minimal junctions that takes you first to Abbotts Bromley, then Yoxall where you join your fellow riders from the long sportive who will have a few more miles in their legs by that point.

There’s no feed station on the shorter ride, but there is an excellent coffee shop called Cobwebs in Abbots Bromley if you are looking for a stop off. They’re situated about half way around your ride and just 100m from the route. Look out for the signpost on the high street. They’re open from 10am.

There are no separate start times for the shorter sportive and the cut off time is the same for both rides.

Downloading the routes:

You can download the .gpx file of the route by going to our dropbox. You can also see the route on our Strava Club page


After the ride:

Goody Bag and Medal:

We’ll have both waiting for you when you cross the line.


Our photos for the ride are being taken by Gary Main and we’ll email out a link to a dropbox where you can get hold of those pictures in the week after the event. There’s no charge for this additional service.


Your rider number will incorporate a timing chip. The time for your ride will be displayed on the Titanium Timing Website and on the RideStaffs.co.uk website as soon as the information is available post event. The team from Titanium timing will be delighted to confirm your time as you finish too.

Bear Coffee:

Bear coffee have been hugely supportive of this first visit we’ve made to Uttoxeter to start and finish a sportive. There coffee is ace and we’d be delighted if you supported them on the day too so we can make this the first of many visits. They’re open from 7.30 on the morning of the ride until 4pm, so tell friends and family to come and meet you on the day.

Chip Shop:

We had a lovely email from the people who run Cods Corner, the chip shop that’s just over the road from Bear Coffee. They’re opening specially on the day of our event from 11.30am. So if you’re into the idea of a bit of post ride carbo-loading, pop in and say hello to them too!