In previous years we’ve designed our events in a way that means you choose the distance you ride at the point when you enter and in the most part, that’s fine. The long route riders do the long route, the short route riders do the short one. But then what if you have what the french call a ‘Jour sans’ when you’re not feeling the love, just feeling every pedal stroke?

We all have days on the bike when we’d like it all to be over a little sooner, so if you feel like that on a RIdeStaffs ride, it’s nice to know that you’ve got the option of shortening your ride a little without having to navigate your own way back feeling miserable.

With all that in mind, we’ve recently created shorter variations to our Spring Forward and Staffordshire Cycling Festival Sportive routes that you can either plan to do from the start, or opt into on the way round should the need arise.

Head to the sportive section of this website now to check the routes out and enter