Join us for the Tour de Lewis, a course in 3 courses on 1st May 2017: 

Please be seated!

Lewis Partnership Food

We couldn’t wait until July to do another event, so we thought we’d squeeze in something different with our good friends from Lewis Partnership on the May Bank Holiday. 

What’s the Tour de Lewis all about?

The idea is that it goes something like this

  • Some bike riding 
  • Some food 
  • Some more bike riding
  • Some more food
  • One last bike bit of riding
  • A little more food

Starting at the Moat House in Acton Trussell, our route takes us to all 3 rural Lewis Partnership properties in Staffordshire and at each stop you’ll have the chance to sample something tasty with a Staffordshire twist. Call it a gastro tour, we like the idea of a course with three courses. The route is signed and we’ll release a .gpx and .tcx file for those with GPS units. 

It’s our way of celebrating Staffordshire Day. 

Want to know more?  Read on….

The Detail

Distance: 42.6 miles or 68km if you’re being all continental

Climbing: 1,710ft or 521 metres

1st Course – Dog and Doublet:

Staffordshire Oatcakes with cheese/bacon; cheese/spinach; cheese

2nd Course – Red Lion:

Red Lion Farm Staffordshire ice creams

3rd Course – Moat House:

Arancini (Staffordshire Style) and Flapjack


Key Timings:

  • 7.00: Registration open, Moat House open for coffee.
  • 8.00: First Rider departs
  • 8.45: Dog and Doublet Opens
  • 10.00: Red Lion Opens
  • 11.30: Last orders for ice cream at Red Lion
  • 13.00: Cut off time for completion