Tour de Lewis Rider Info

Below is all the info you should need to get you to the start along with other key points to note that will help you on the way round too:

Location: The Moat House Acton Trussell, Lower Penkridge Rd, Acton Trussell, Stafford ST17 0RJ.
Parking: There’s plenty and it’s free. We’ll put some signs to direct you to the bit of the car park we’d like you to use.
Registration and Start/Finish: At the Acton Lobby, again, we’ll have some signs up to get you from the car park to there.


07.00 Registration Opens
08.00 First riders away (we send you off informally for this one so you can leave as and when you please).
08.45 Dog and Doublet opens
10.00 Red Lion opens for you, you’ll have 34 miles under your belt at that point.
11.00 Food service begins at Moat House for the speedy ones.
11.30 End of service at the Red Lion
13.00 End of food service at the Moat House.

If you think you’re going to be very fast:

The Dog and Doublet is 12 miles into the ride and opens 45 mins after the start time. So if you’re thinking of getting there very fast (i.e. if you’re expecting to do 20mph average, perhaps start a little later.

If you think you’re going to be very slow:

We won’t mind if you set off a little early once you’ve registered. To give you an illustration, if you’re leaving the Dog and Doublet (after a quick Oatcake) by 9am, to get to the second feed you’ll need to average 10mph to reach the Red Lion in time to get served.

First Aid: Each of the 3 locations has a trained first aid person on site for any minor mishaps, for any serious incident, call 999 as you would normally.

My contact number as organiser is 07921 612091.

Signage: We’ll be out signing the route on Sunday and we’ll put an example arrow out for you at registration so you know what to look for.

General Riding stuff: You’re on the open road, all the normal rules apply when it comes to junctions, turns and riding in groups. Please be careful, look out for your fellow cyclists and be courteous to other road users.

Additional info you need to know:

The food we provide at each of the stops is free and water bottles will be refilled with water free of charge.
Anything else you buy is charged at the normal price for that venue.
Coffee will be on sale at the Moat House, Dog and Doublet and Red Lion for £1.50 a cup. Cash and cards accepted at all venues.
All venues have toilets you’re welcome to use.

GPX & TCX Files:
If you’re using a GPS unit on your bike, you can download the route for the ride at

We also put the route for the ride up on Strava in the RideStaffs club page.
Head to to find the club and sign up.